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Romanisches Seminar Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Stark

'Partitive Articles' in Francoprovençal and in the Northern Italian Dialects: DiFuPaRo closing workshop


24 June 2022

University of Zurich (room: KOL-G-212, Rämistrasse 71)




9.00-9.15          Introduction

                         Chair 9.15-10.00: David Paul Gerards

9.15-10.00        Francesco Pinzin / Cecilia Poletto (Goethe University Frankfurt)

How to make do with what you have got: priming effects in dialectal data, the view from indefinite Partitives


10.00-10.30      Coffee

                         Chair 10.30-12.00: Cecilia Poletto

10.30-11.15      Leonardo Savoia / Benedetta Baldi (University of Florence)

Explorations in partitives and indefinite forms in Occitan and Franco-Provençal


11.15-12.00      Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin (Université de Paris, LLF, CNRS) / Tabea Ihsane (University of Zurich) / David Paul Gerards (University of Leipzig)

On the rescuing of des-indefinites


12.00-14.00      LUNCH


14.00-15.30      Group of talks and discussion (Chair 14.00-15.30: Francesco Pinzin)          


Tania Paciaroni1,2 / Tabea Ihsane1 / Elisabeth Stark1

(1: University of Zurich, 2: Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich)

Francoprovençal nominal morphology: a Network Morphology account



Tabea Ihsane / Olivier Winistörfer / Elisabeth Stark (University of Zurich)

Francoprovençal: what a spatial analysis of ‘partitive articles’ reveals about number marking on nominals



David Paul Gerards1 / Tabea Ihsane2 / Elisabeth Stark2

(1: University of Leipzig, 2: University of Zurich)

Is invariable DE an allomorph of the partitive article? The insight from Francoprovençal


                         14.45-15.30 Discussion


15.30-15.45      Conclusion


You can follow us online: Zoom-Link