Institute Assembly


The Institute Assembly decides on matters concerning the institute’s strategic planning and the development of its curriculum. It makes decisions on awarding teaching appointments and approves the institute’s course offerings. It nominates candidates to head the institute. The Institute Assembly is also a key instrument of internal communication within the institute.

Composition (term of office: Fall Semester 2015–Spring Semester 2017)

The Institute Assembly is composed of all of the institute’s full, associate, assistant and SNSF professors, as well as the head of the institute.

Its members also include three delegates representing each of the following additional groups of people involved in the institute: privatdozents, non-professorial academic staff, students, and administrative and technical staff.

Professors Tatiana Crivelli Head of Institute
  Jens Andermann  
  Johannes Bartuschat  
  Eduardo Jorge de Oliveira  
  Martin-Dietrich Glessgen  
  Johannes Kabatek  
  Thomas Klinkert  
  Patrick Labarthe  
  Nunzio La Fauci  
  Itzíar López Guil  
  Michele Loporcaro  
  Clà Riatsch  
  Elisabeth Stark  
  Richard Trachsler  
  Sandro Zanetti  
Privatdozents Pietro De Marchi  
  Enzo Franchini  
  Christina Vogel  
  Ursula Bähler Deputy
  Rita Catrina Imboden Deputy
  Stephan Schmid Deputy
Non-Professorial Academic Staff Albert Wall  
  Harald Völker  
  Aurélia Robert-Tissot  
  Marie Burkhardt Deputy
  Numa Vittoz Deputy
  Sara Groisman Deputy
Students Michela Bertossa  
  Sofia Sabatini  
  Yoselyn Henriques  
  Laura Falletta Deputy
  Nadine Siegrist Deputy
ATS Larissa Birrer  

Christiane Niklowitz

  Salome Rittmeyer  
  Zoé Bozzolan-Kenworthy Deputy
  Bernhard Kaeser Deputy
Permanent guests Annina Clerici  
  Christian Seidl