Virginia Holzer

Assistentin für Lateinamerikanistik- und Iberoromanische Literaturwissenschaft

Romanisches Seminar
Zürichbergstr. 8
CH - 8032 Zürich
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Büro ZUG G 61

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Narratives of Violence Against Women: Wasted Bodies and Deaths that (Don’t) Matter in the Contemporary Literature in Peru and Argentina

The project aims to analyze representations of physical and symbolic violence exerted over women’s bodies in a corpus of literary texts. On the basis of an analytical literary framework that integrates perspectives pertaining to Anthropology and Cultural Studies, my research will be focused on the ways that these writings reveal the mechanisms of possession, consumption, and disposal of women’s bodies, that is, transformed into wasted humans.

Perfil: Virginia Holzer studied Spanish Linguistics/ Literature and Latin American Studies, and completed a Master of Arts with special qualification in Literature at the University of Bern. She is currently assistant and teaching fellow for the Department of Hispanic American Literature at the Institute of Romance Studies, University of Zurich. Besides, she organizes a reading circle in Zurich, Club de lectura de literatura latinoamericana, and is a member of the Latina American literary group Letras Bernáculas, which organizes literary evenings in Bern.

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