Carlota de Benito Moreno

Assistant Professor of Language and Space in Ibero-Romance (URPP Language and Space / Romanisches Seminar)

Romanisches Seminar
Zürichbergstrasse 8
CH - 8032 Zürich
+41 (0)44 634 36 03

Office: ZUG E 51a

Office hours (in corona times): Due to the current development of the pandemic, we're unfortunately back to the "only virtual office hours" situation. Check here to check if I'm available. If those time slots don't work for you, send me an e-mail to arrange another time, since I won't be moving much.

Short Bio

Although the term sometimes sounds a bit outdated, I call myself a dialectologist, because my main interest as a linguist is on language variation and change. My research focusses on morphosyntactic variation and change in Spanish and other Ibero-Romance languages, including phenomena attested in social networks such as Twitter. Because I do empirical and quantitative research, I really care about corpora, fieldwork, data collection methods and statistics. I hold a PhD in Spanish Linguistics from the Autonomous University of Madrid, under the supervision of Inés Fernández-Ordóñez and Johannes Kabatek.

Information for students (in German)

Merkblatt mündliche Prüfung (Lingüística Histórica y Sincrónica)
Merkblatt (PDF, 64 KB)

Tutoratsdossier (PDF, 199 KB)


Here you will find links to some of the things I do (most of them in Spanish): my popular science blog, my Youtube channel where I talk about research methodology in Linguistics, the Youtube channel of the Ibero-Romance section of the University of Zurich, links to past conferences, R scripts and so on. Enjoy!

Semevadelalengua: mi blog de divulgación lingüística

Youtube: lingüística iberorrománica en Zúrich: divulgación y actividades

Youtube: metodología de la investigación lingüística

Workshop 2017: "Statistical standards for scientific discovery in linguistics: a practical introduction"





Lunes, 30 de mayo 2022, 16:15h

Schönberggasse 11, 8001 Zürich - SOE-F-11

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Prof. Dr. Carlota de Benito, Prof. Dr. Johannes Kabatek
Prof. Dr. Thomas Klinkert, Seminarvorsteher