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Romanisches Seminar

Kolloquium: DOM in Spanish - diachronic change and synchronic variation (4.-5. Juni 2018)

Call for papers

The fact that many languages worldwide differentiate some types of objects from others through grammatical marking has been subject to a considerable amount of research throughout the last decades. Among the issues raised are the emergence, expansion, and the exact function of Differential Object Marking (DOM, Bossong 1991), as well as its respective correlation with other elements within grammatical systems.

Due to its visibility and its worldwide presence, but also to its important role in the scientific formulation of the notion of DOM, Spanish is a particularly prominent language showing a showing a vital prime example of the phenomenon. But even though some central aspects of this scheme, such as the emergence of DOM, its extension in the Middle Ages or its function in modern written Spanish, have been subject to comprehensive research, some central aspects of the following core issues still remain open:

1) Where, when and how did the Spanish DOM System emerge and consolidate itself until the establishment of the current state?

2) Which are the current tendencies in the Spanish-speaking world (particularly in spoken Spanish)?

The Zurich project on Differential Object Marking in Spanish invites scholars to join us at a workshop where we want to discuss contributions to these two main research foci, including also aspects of contact languages and of other Romance languages.

The workshop will be held at the University of Zurich on June 4th and 5th, 2018.

The languages of the workshop will be English and Spanish.

Invited speakers: Georg Bossong, Chantal Melis, Álvaro Octavio de Toledo, Marco García García.
Conference fee: 120CHF (includes coffee breaks and lunches); reduced fee for PhD students.

Submission of abstracts (maximum one page including references) until December 31st, 2017
(to be sent to

Notification of acceptance until January 31st, 2018

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