Maria Ordoñez Cruz

Doktorandin SNF-Projekt Contested Amnesia and Dissonant Narratives in the Global South: Post-conflict in Literature, Art, and Emergent Archives

Romanisches Seminar
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María Alejandra Ordóñez M.A

Visual artist - Researcher



After my graduation in Visual Arts (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana - Colombia 2013), I have developed my work between documentary and films production. During 2014-2017, I pursued a Master in Design (Universidad de Los Andes - Colombia), in the searching of new tools and methodologies, for linking social research and languages of art and design. As a degree project, I carried out an investigation of the personal experiences of enforced disappearance in Colombia, approaching to emerging archival material, oral history and experimental narratives "Non-narrated-portraits" (2016 - ). The same year, the project won one of the National Grants Program of the Ministry of Culture in Colombia - “Research grants and creation of museography projects of historical memory on the armed conflict: Memories of War, Resistance, and Dignity ". During 2017 and 2018, the ongoing project will be part of the design and prototype stage of the Museum of Memory in association with the National Center of Historical Memory in Colombia.


Currently, I am a doctoral candidate of the Institute of Romances Languages of the University of Zürich (Doktoratsprogramm Romanistik: Methoden und Perspektiven).           My research and creation project, " Defining absence: Dissonant Voices, Extended Narratives and Materialities of Enforced Disappearance in Colombia " is developed in the frame of the interdisciplinary research group " SNF-Projekt Contested Amnesia and Dissonant Narratives in the Global South: Post- conflict in Literature, Art, and Emergent Archives " directed by Prof. Liliana Gomez Popescu.


2017 / Member of the Visual Culture Studies Section of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA). 



Public shows_


2009 / Entre Páginas / Fiction short film 

Nomination for best art direction

Césares awards / Manizales University / Manizales, COL


2014 / Las dos fechas / Film Essay

Project in competition / Open call for documentary filmmaking development (FDC- COL)


2015 / Open Studio Public Show / Design Master Program

Projects in development

Universidad de los Andes / Colombia 


2015 / Sin Reparo / Art installation “Alúmina” 

Art & Ceramics Exhibition and workshop / Bogota / Colombia



2015 / La Muestra Maestra / Non-narrated-portraits

Public Exhibition of Graduation Projects / Bogota / Colombia



2016 / National Grants Program of the Ministry of Culture

Project / "Non-narrated-portraits"

“Research grants for creation of museography projects about historical memory of the armed conflict: Memories of War, Resistance and Dignity  / Colombia 


2017 / "Non-narrated-portraits"

Public exhibition in the National Museum in Bogotá, in the framework of the award ceremony for winner projects awarded by the Centre of Historical Memory / Bogotá /  Colombia



Fellowships & awards_


2015 / Universidad de los Andes

Research Fellowship awarded by the School of Architecture and and Design: Research Assistant / Bogota / Colombia 


2016 / "Non-narrated-portraits" 

Research and creation grant for museum projects on historical memory and armed conflict: “Memories of War, Resistance and Dignity” awarded thy the Ministry of Culture of Colombia and the CNMH.


Education & academic background_


2013 / Bachelor of Fine Arts - B.F.A. Visual Arts 

Visual Arts Department

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana / Colombia

>Study Emphases: Film production / Art History / New media / Plastic Art

>Graduate Project: "Las dos fechas"

Research (Visual essay) about the impact of enforced disappearance 

Tutor: Prof. Dr. Claudia Salamanca



2014 / 2017 Master of Arts - M.A Design

School of Architecture and Design

Universidad de los Andes / Colombia 

>Study Emphases: Design for social innovation / Participative skills / Research

>Graduate Project: "Non-narrated-portraits"

Research project and creative approach about the different subjectivities and voices dealing with the enforced disappearance in Colombia 

Advisor: Prof. Karen Aune 



2017 / 2021 Doctoral candidate

Romanisches Seminar

Zürich Universität / Zürich

>Project: "Defining absence: Dissonant Voices, Extended Narratives and Materialities of Enforced Disappearance in Colombia."

Project director: Prof. Liliana Gomez Popescu




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National Center for Historical Memory in Colombia  / Digital Museum


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